Recently I've been invited to judge the Adobo Design Awards Asia. I keep on hearing 2 particular keywords "craft" and "encourage". These two word reminded me why I pursue a profession in design. Before I am designer, I am a craftsman first. I've been doing crafts even before I know of the words "art" and design" . I went to a technical-vocational school in highschool and we were taught a lot of skills in craftsmanship. It's the kind of school where parents who can't afford to pay for college send their kids. We did everything from basket weaving, cross-stitching, dress-making, sculpting, welding , t-shirt printing and drafting. You will be a big disappointment if you are not skilled with your hands. More so in my family because both my parents never graduated from college and learned to fend for themselves at a very young age. My most fond memory with my dad is when I visit our machine shop during weekends and he would encourage me to build something. I would make mechanical retractable claws inspired by Wolverine, balancing wire sculptures, mechanical eraser inspired by Men in Black, which eventually I find out was actually inspired by Dr. Who. He would even ask me to design some of his client work. Even as a grown up, most of my personal project are basically grown up versions of what I create as a kid. I am driven by my passion for crafts. I am thankful that I am surrounded by people who encourage me to follow my passion.

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